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So you think you want to be a digital media mogul? How in the world do I get all this crap set up so that you can do a podcast or a live stream? Richard Taylor and I do a full bore geek fest chat about how we both produce shows to talk about FCPX. Pay special attention to the discussion on audio, Richard and I are both kind of audio nuts.


Credits for Episode 179

Executive Producer: Cirina Catania


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Guest Name - @twitter

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Ever want to cut a whole feature length doc in FCPX? Yea… it can be done alright. Josh Meyers is head of Post Production at Emergent Order in Austin Texas and has vast experience with both Premier and FCPX. EO has cut docs in both and Josh’s insight is interesting. As always, we diverged into a lot of other topics, light the “Fight against Marginalization” and On-boarding new editors to work in FCPX. I hope you enjoy this ep.

Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Josh Meyers- @EmergentOrderCo - emergentorder.com

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A dance for my Ego. Mobile filmmaking and why its the future of content creators.

The power of film making in your pocket.

A time for self reflection … 20 years of mistake.

Do we DARE say Tarantino has jumped the shark?

Apogee metaRecorder. - https://apogeedigital.com/video/introduction-to-apogees-metarecorder-app

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We finally decide! OK… not really but if you want to listen to two FCPX users prattle on about how happy they are with the tool they use THIS is the episode for you. In all actuality Lee and I cover many topics including how Lee thinks I should take an Apple Certified Trainer class, and we also touch on his lectures that are scheduled for the FCPX Creative Summit in November.


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Lee Herbet - @leeherbet

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Choosing a phone platform can be tough, or REALLY easy. If you’re a Mac fanboy you probably use an iPhone but I’ve always been intrigued by those that choose android AND use Macs. What drives their decisions and what do they see it breaking from the pack? More importantly what brings someone BACK to iPhone once they have “strayed”. In this episode Alister Robbie goes IN DEPTH on what he looks for in a phone and we discuss Google and their casual attitude toward privacy. 


Twitter International incident, 3 phone calls in 30 minutes.


Masters in Motion


Credits for Episode 175

Executive Producer: Alan Seawright

Associate Producer: Lon Keller


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Alister Robbie @alisterrobbie - @thepostproject

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Patrick is what I would call a technological film-maker. He loves making movies, but he also really loves, and enjoys the tech he controls on a day to day basis. Coming off the post-production on “Faith Based”, a feature length comedy featuring Jason Alexander, Patrick found himself landing a new full-time job at frame.io. In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of working from home, as well as a rather deep dive into why Patrick likes the idea of 8K as a source for YouTube (not without a fair amount of pushback from me). 


Credits for Episode 174

Executive Producer: Daniel Villegas

Associate Producer: Sven Pape


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Patrick Southern - @jpsouthern

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Struggling to write a tease for this episode… Cirina Catania is fascinating on every level. On this Creative Summit Teaser episode we talk about her history in this business as a documentary film maker, an podcast producer and even as a shooter for Mark Burnett’s  Eco Challenge, Cirina seems to have done it all. 

We also discuss mobile filmmaking and the thrill of teaching kids how to tell THEIR stories.



Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Cirina Catania- @cirina

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Is this a cautionary tale about saving a few bucks, or just a case of flawed troubleshooting logic and technique. Also… we learn about the GPU History window in Activity Monitor. 


Slack Group, ask me about it… I may send you an invite!


FCG062 - Obvious Speculation

FCG102 - 4K for Instagram

FCG131 - FCPX - The Tiny Details


Credits for Episode 172

Executive Producer: Scott Hartman $80

Associate Producer: Bryan Osborn $5 “FCPX Pizza, Hamburger, Hotdog”


www.fcpxcreativesummit.com Sign Up NOW!! Use Coupon code “grill19” for a 10% discount


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Joseph Linaschke - @photojoseph

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Iain is an Apple Certified Trainer and made his first video in high school in 1991. As with other episodes in the past couple weeks, Iain will be teaching at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit 2019, November 7-9. We had a great chat about how he got into this business and some details about making superior educational products and his philosophies about it. Make sure you clear your calendar and book your place at the Creative Summit. Remember, use coupon code “Grill19” for a 10% discount when you buy your ticket.


PS. For those of you who care, Iain’s feed was coming over a Rodecaster Pro as his IO device and that, along with his Rode mic sounded FANTASTIC. What do you think of it?


“First its Impossible, then its  hard, then a lot easier, then EVERYONE thinks they can do it.”




Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Iain Anderson - @funwithstuff

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FCPX Creative Summit 2019. For the past 5 years my friend Jeff Greenberg has worked tirelessly to create an event that was more than just a bunch of training. It this episode we’ll touch on a bunch of stuff. Why apples should be in every voice over booth, how to program an event that draws an audience and trainers from around the world, some highlights of the Editors Retreat, another Jeff Greenberg creation, as well as some thoughts on the new iPhone 11 Pro. 

Jeff also brings up a great thought, “Are we living in a Post PC Era?”.

Last but not least we’ll dip our toes into internet influencers and financial responsibility.

SOOOO much in one, WAY TO LONG episode.

Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Jeff Greenberg - @filmgeek

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In this special “Return of The Grill” episode, I talk to Alex Johnson to breakdown his Medium article about features he wish Apple would add to FCPX. We also spend a fair amount of time just discussing the way big companies work. There’s also a discount code for the Final Cut Creative Summit in Cupertino this November and I make a special announcement about that as well.

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MotionVFX.com is one of my favorite companies in the FCPX community. Szymon and his team of artists and developers create beautiful plug-ins and templates for FCPX and Motion as well as After Effects. In this episode of The Grill, Szymon will go into depth on their upcoming mO2 product, which is a Real Time 3D rendering engine inside the FCPX eco-system.


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Szymon Masiak - @motionVFX

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Please listen to this special episode of The Grill. It would mean a lot to me.


Jonathan Ward Meade Fenwick

June 5, 1966 - April 10, 2018

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With just a couple days before NAB 2018, Apple has pre announced the newest point release of FCPX. What is interesting is that this is not just bug fixes but also new features. ProRes Raw and Closed Captioning. Not the sexiest of features but upon deeper examination, both will, more than likely, prove to be very valuable to us as editors. On this episode of The Grill we speak with our recurring guest, Alex Gollner and he gives us some early insight on these new features. We also speculate on what the 2019 Mac Pro could be. 


Alex’s Blog about 10.14.1



I was TOTALLY wrong about the MacPro



Credits for Episode 166
Executive Producer: Josh Beal
Associate Producer: Ryan Reed


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Alex Gollner - @alex4d


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So you wanna go to Hollywood and cut something that you parents can watch in their living room, but HOW DO YOU GET THERE. In this Episode of The Grill I talk to Josh Beal to hear about how got to where he is cutting Scripted Dramas and how he gets a little bit of FCPX time in an otherwise heavily Avid world. We’ll also hear what Josh feels about the future of Final Cut Pro X.


Credits for Episode 165

Executive Producer: Stuart Hooper

Associate Producer: Mike Williams


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Josh Beal - @jbkilty - jkbedit.com

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Lumberjack Builder is text based video editing, or more simply put, its a pretty amazing. Philip Hodgetts and Gregory Clarke have always been ahead of the curve when it came to metadata and video control and Lumberjack and Lumberjack Builder are great examples of this. I’d recommend if you can to take a look at this web site as you listen to this episode. There really is a lot of visual missed in this particular audio podcast.



Credits for Episode 164
Executive Producer: Tom Fuldner


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Philip Hodgetts - @ PhilipHodgetts

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It’s NAB time!!! NAB2018 and we are all going to be working Faster, Together. Well… Only if you take the time to find the Lumaforge Meeting rooms in the Lower South hall. In this episode of The Grill Sam Mestman will walk us through all the details of the presenters that will gather in Vegas to offer up great tips, secrets and workflow ideas to help us all be better at this crazy industry we wanted to be a part of. Also, I genuinely learned about some events that I had no idea were going on. Consider this your pre-guide to NAB2018.



Credits for Episode 163
Executive Producer: Alan Seawright
Associate Producer: Mr. Anonymous

Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Sam Mestman - @SamMestman - @lumaforge


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You can do it. You can have an idea, and put it on screen. Brad Olsen wanted to tell the story of the Launch and rise of FCPX in the post production community because he was tired of trying to defend his choice to cut in Apples newest NLE so he made a movie about the whole thing. It took him a year of shooting and another 6 months of post but “Off the Tracks” is now done and I for one am very proud to have put my name on this project. Listen as as we discuss distribution and some interesting things that happened to Brad as he made his idea into a reality.


Credits for Episode 162
Executive Producer: Brad Olsen
Associate Producer: Rob Tapscott


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Brad Olsen - facebook.com/fedorapictureslimited


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I truly believe that the future of Post is getting information from the field as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. There are plenty of great tools that facilitate this, “Shot Lister” being a good example of this. Many of the producers that I work with are at least familiar with FCPX and some are accomplished editors in their own right. On this episode of The Grill we talk with Sasha Williams, who I work with at SL\CE Editorial, to discuss workflows that she and I have come up with to make our lives easier.


Credits for Episode 161

Executive Producer: Tony Gallardo

Associate Producer: Joseph Linaschke


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Sasha Williams - @slaybot (IG) - @observancebysasha (IG)

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“Feature films have many moving parts”… I can not even imagine the politics behind cutting a feature film but my friend Mike Matzdorff can. Mike was deeply involved in the creating the post production workflow for Focus, the Will Smith film from a couple years ago that was cut entirely in FCPX. Mikes workflow offers another look at ways to use the Event Architecture inside the FCPX Library.


Final Cut Pro X Workflow  

Credits for Episode 160
Executive Producer: Robbie Roof


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Mike Matzdorff - @FCPxFeatures

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In this ongoing discussion about FCPX Events we speak with Thomas Grove Carter. Thomas is a bit of a rockstar in the FCPX community. Known for his blazing fast edit demos at NAB he truly understands his edit platform of choice. Thomas starts his explanation of FCPX events saying they are like Folders with Benefits, what does he mean by that?

Credits for Episode 159

Executive Producer: Brad Balfour


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Thomas Grove Carter - trimediting.com - @thomasgcarter


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The Final Cut Pro X file structure is often complained about and rarely fully understood but one part is probably the MOST confusing and that is the Event. What is an event? How should it be used? In a white paper published recently by Apple, they described the event like this.

FCPX Media Management White Paper - https://images.apple.com/final-cut-pro/docs/Media_Management.pdf

“An event is similar to a folder that can hold clips and projects. You can easily copy or move clips and projects between events to organize them. An event might represent a day of shooting, an episode of a dramatic series, a location in a reality show, a portion of a wedding such as the reception or ceremony, or a series of edited projects. 

Using an event as a “collection” that can be handed o to another editor or an assistant on the team is a good use of the library model. For example, an assistant editor can create an event for a day’s dailies and hand this over to the primary editor, and the editor can create an event containing the cuts for a scene or reel of a movie to hand back to the assistant. “

On this episode I’m talking with Scott Simmons from Nashville and we’ll hear how Scott uses Events in his daily workflow.

Kyno by Less Pain software. - https://lesspain.software/kyno/


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Back for his third appearance on the show, my good friend Steve Miller and I discuss the new iMac Pro and more importantly what it means to the whole Apple Community. Steve gives some expert tips on monitoring how your computer is working and we revisit the eGPU world and hear Steves final word on the idea of attaching additional GPUs to your Mac. Also… is Steve switching to Windows?


“Festoon: In modern English the verb forms, especially "festooned with", are often used very loosely or figuratively to mean having any type of fancy decoration or covering.”


Credits for Episode 157
Co-Executive Producers: Brad Olson & Geoffrey Orthwein


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Steve Miller - SteevCo Industries

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Ok, we’ve all done it. We get started, we gather our materials, and suddenly, we find ourselves over our heads and we just want to talk it out. On this episode of The Grill Brad Balfour discusses his multi camera project and we go over some strategies that he could put into place in order to simplify his workflow.

We also take a brief look at Switcher Studio Pro.

Credits for Episode 156
Executive Producer: Bruce Tambling (brucetambling.com)
Associate Producer: Mike Williams


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Brad Balfour 


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Executive Producer: John Vasey

10.4 Good Buddy! Do I really care about 360 video? Is this something I really need to be thinking about? Or is this just the next gimmick that is meant to make us buy new hardware and software. Alex Gollner, long time contributor to The Grill goes DEEEEP into the philosophy of 360 video and we explore some ways that we can turn this into a product that our clients are interested in.

Sponsored by premiumbeat.com
Sponsored by lumaforge.com

Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Alex Gollner - @alex4d

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Value for Value… we’ll take about this during the show. We’ll also discuss Tony’s short “Believe” shot on iPhone 7Plus, cuz, that’s what was available and we’ll hear about his whole workflow, beginning to end. Tony will share his thoughts on FCPX 10.4 and explain why he decided to use Resolve to cut his short. Fenwick will discuss his recent Izotope nightmare and the Hawaiki Keyer 4 and how it will be used in a recent job.


Credits for Episode 155

Executive Producer: Ben Broadbeck

Associate Producer: Brad Balfour


Sponsored by premiumbeat.com

Sponsored by lumaforge.com


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Tony Gallardo - @tomiga2


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To be fair, this episode is about OLDER versions of our software. Today, Carl Olson is a happy camper running current versions of FCPX and Mac OS. Don’t freak Apple, this is good information for anyone who uses computers, but yea, you guys probably wouldn’t post all this information publicly. But hey, we’re fans and this stuff has to be said. OK?


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Sponsored by lumaforge.com


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Carl Olson - @theCarlOlson


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Very big day for FCPX Users. Today we got a new version of Final Cut and pricing on the new iMac Pros. In this episode of The Grill Sam Mestman returns to discuss the new color tools in the 10.4 release of Final Cut Pro.


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Sam Mestman - @SamMestman - @lumaforge


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Transcriptions used to take a day minimum. If you needed something faster, it had better be short and you had to have your transcriber standing by. Speedscriber is WICKED fast and in this episode of The Grill, we talk with the Martin Baker from Speedscriber and learn some really cool inside tricks on how to increase the performance and functionality of this app that is tightly integrated with FCPX.


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Martin Baker - @martinjbaker

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Every once in a while you run across a voice that resonates. I’m not talking about a great singer but the voice of a great thinker. Michael Cioni of Lightiron and Panavision is one of those voices. For over a decade he has been branching out, reaching out and grasping at the big ideas that everyone else has been desperately trying to follow. It is a pleasure to be able to get an hour of his time and chat with him about our business, our tools, and the future. 


Michael Stuff you should check out.


The original video that caught MY attention. https://vimeo.com/73797466


His TEDx Talk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohmTnhZiCC4



Panavision acquires Lightiron - http://variety.com/2014/artisans/news/panavision-acquires-light-iron-post-1201368998/


Michael covered on FCP.co - http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/news/1231-michael-cioni-talks-about-innovations-in-post-production-including-final-cut-pro-x?fb_comment_id=166788556844828_249543#f37d39487cafabc


What Lightiron does - http://lightiron.com/services/features/


Live Play 3 will blow your mind! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyLTMgtE_PY


Panavision and Red join forces to create an 8K Monster - http://lightiron.com/light-irons-michael-cioni-panavision-dxl-advanced-digital-cinema-camera-ever-made/


Sponsored by premiumbeat.com

Sponsored by lumaforge.com



Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Michael Cioni - @michael_cioni


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Besides being an accomplished editor and creator Tony Gallardo has been working on The Grill in a support capacity for several months now. Last week at NAB 2017 Tony and I had the chance to hangout and meet many of the names that have become associated with this show and Tony even did a couple of presentations at the Lumaforge “Faster. Together. Stage.” In this episode we’ll discuss what our high level take away of NAB was and what it means to the future of our industry. If you’re looking for product specific facts, figures and specs… you’re in the wrong place. 


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Tony Gallardo - @tomiga2


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Steve Miller, not that one, is a long time friend and fellow editor. Although we kid each other all the time because of our choice of tools we prefer to use, I have the utmost respect for Steve’s take on the technology we use on a day to day basis. In this episode we’ll discuss the “State of the Mac” as well as, laptops, desktops, mice, and even eGPU boxes.





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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Steve Miller - https://www.facebook.com/steevco


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For over a year, Brad Olsen has been pouring his time into the mother of all personal projects, a documentary covering the life of Final Cut Pro and its transition to FCPX. In this conversation we discuss his strategy for putting together this film and some of the findings that he has uncovered in the 2TB of interviews he has conducted so far. We’ll also discuss his sit down interview with Randy Ubilos, the creator and mind behind Premiere 1.0 and Final Cut Pro, iMovie 08, Aperture, iMovie iOS, FCPX and more. We also briefly discuss the recent events on the United Airlines flights, and talk about how to listen to the news. 


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Brad Olsen - facebook.com/fedorapictureslimited

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Have you ever wanted to work smarter and enjoy your job more? T. Payton, Albuquerque based Art Director and FCPX editor is passionate about this. In this episode of The Grill we discuss many ways to improve our workflow and just plain “be nicer” to our computers. 


Discussed in this Episode


T.’s Website - tpayton.com

Making FCPX Faster - Frame.io blog. - https://blog.frame.io/2016/09/21/5-ways-make-final-cut-pro-x-faster/


FCPX 10.2.3 Creating Scrolling Ending Credits - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPHLyO7qfCY


“Trashing your Preferences in FCPX” - Command-Option while you launch the app. 


Video Blocks - https://www.videoblocks.com


Is this an ad for Izotope RX?? - https://www.izotope.com/en/products/repair-and-edit/rx-plug-in-pack.html


Neat Video video noise cleaner - https://www.neatvideo.com


Flicker Free Digital Anarchy - https://www.digitalanarchy.com/Flicker/main.html


FCPX 10.2.1 VFX & Repair Workflow - https://youtu.be/Ft89TSX0A_A



Movie Slate electronic slate and shot logger.


11 Most Common Problems - https://blog.frame.io/2016/09/13/recognize-fix-common-problems-fcpx/


Sponsored by premiumbeat.com

Sponsored by lumaforge.com


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

T. Payton - @tpayton


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NAB 2017 is just around the corner and our sponsor, Lumaforge is heavily committed to bringing together the best and most accomplished FCPX people in the industry. On this episode of The Grill you’re going to hear all about the great things coming up and you’ll also take a bit of a walk thru Sam and I’s various “war stories” of past NAB’s. 



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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Sam Mestman - @SamMestman - @lumaforge

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3 years in the making… have you ever worked on ONE project that long? Bokeh is what Geoffrey Orthwein calls “Lo Fi Sci-Fi Fi”… its a science fiction story that doesn’t have lasers and space ships in it. Its mostly about a relationship and what happens in the face of adversity. It was also all cut in FCPX and in this episode we’ll hear about the pros and cons of using this software on a feature length project. 


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Geoffrey Orthwein - bokehthemovie.com - @geoffreyor

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If you’re new to video editing and FCPX is your first edit system to use you may not know what “Consolidating Media” means. Trust me, its a good feature, and it is a feature that has been missing from FCPX from day one. Chris Steele from Worx4X joins me in this episode to discuss how the team at Marquis Broadcast came together in 4 short months to bring this old feature from Final Cut Classic.


XtoPro for audio  https://x2pro.net


Sponsored by premiumbeat.com

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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Chris Steele - worx4x.com - @Worx4X

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Kids programming, although seen as a stepping stone for many in the entertainment industry is actually Adam Feinsilver and his daughter, Piker’s passion. So many of us take the time to really concentrate on what we love and in the process we don’t allow ourselves to do our very best. In this episode of The Grill we discuss a little bit about Adam’s workflow and backup strategy for archiving the over 800 interviews that Piker has done, with every one from John Lassiter to Taylor Swift and hundreds of Nickelodeon stars, but also spend a fair amount of time talking about editing timing and social media.


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Adam Feinsilver - @adamesq

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Spilled drinks, spilled ideas, and a lot of “old man chat”. Scott Simmons is one of the editors that I respect the most. He is not tied to any ONE application and routinely moves between Avid, Premiere, AND FCPX. This ability of his gives him a very good outlook on the capabilities of Final Cut. We also spend a little but of time discussing a blob post of Scott’s from nearly 10 years ago where he outlined some features that he wanted Final Cut “Classic” to have, some of which ARE in FCPX and some have made it into Premiere.  


There’s also a healthy amount of hardware talk about add-ons that may make your edit experience better. 


Discussed on the show:

Video Conferencing - zoom.us

Upgrading your NLE - http://www.provideocoalition.com/upgrade-your-nle-midproject

NLE of the “Future” post from 2007 - http://www.provideocoalition.com/looking_back_at_software_from_the_future/

MotionVFX - https://www.motionvfx.com

X-Keys - http://xkeys.com/xkeys.php

Pallette Gear - https://palettegear.com

Contour Design - http://www.contourdesign.com/UK/product/shuttlepro-v2/

Contour Roller Mouse - http://www.contourdesign.com/UK/product/rollermouse-red/


Sponsored by premiumbeat.com

Sponsored by lumaforge.com


Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Guest Name - @twitter


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Ron and his family are hitting the road, in a really big way. If you ever dreamed of traveling the world and thought, “Is it possible?”, this is going to be a good episode for you. In addition to making a travel series and other content about their journey, Rod decided that it would be great to chronicle the lead up and preparation to their departure in August of 2017.

Mentioned on the Show.

You MUST watch Going Global 001 https://youtu.be/rlX8aZ9p6uw

Drobo Mini - http://www.droboworks.com/Drobo-Mini.asp?gclid=CJ62hIyj9NECFQuifgod_YYHNg

Pegasus M4 - http://www.promise.com/Products/Pegasus/Pegasus2/M4

Sailing La Vagabonde https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZdQjaSoLjIzFnWsDQOv4ww

FinderCat - http://www.philiphodgetts.com/2016/11/introducing-findrcat/

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Ron Dawson - @daredreamerron

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Not everyone knows this business with the years of experience that Ryan Welborn does. He started young and actually cut video before using computers and yet, he is a well versed in all the tools of today. Hear how he turned a passion for Motion Graphics and a few clever observations into a revenue stream and some great tools for the rest of us to use.


Adjustment Layers in FCPX and Saving your Background - https://youtu.be/S883xVMgrwU


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Ryan Welborn - @osmFCPX


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Philip Hodgetts has consistently been ahead of the curve for about 15 years. When he first started talking about XML and metadata I had no idea what he meant, today, it is the basis for much of our workflow in 2017. I always appreciate the times we get to chat and this episode of The Grill is no exception.


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Philip Hodgetts - @philiphodgetts

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If you’re tired of the old “click here” video tutorials but want to further your craft, you should really look at “This Guy Edits” on YouTube. Sven’s videos dig deep in the “why” as well as the “how” of video editing and his video essays are very well done. In this episode we also touch on his path from independent producer to working along side one of Hollywood’s biggest producers. (Rhymes with “Hammer On”) Make sure you check out this episode of The Grill and tell a friend.


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Sven Pape - @ thisguyedits


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The rule is “Always be Learning”. Rory Cantwell, in his multi decade career knows this all to well. Watching the transition from cutting film, to cutting video, from linear to non-linear, we can all learn from his experience and wisdom of choosing the right horse to back when it comes to looking at the technological advances that have happened in the past 30 years. Oh… he also really likes FCPX, so there’s that.


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Rory Cantwell - sohoeditors.com

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Like a look into the future, every chat with Alex4D is like peering into a technological crystal ball. In this episode of The Grill we discuss Copy and Paste on iOS, the Microsoft Surface Studio, and Alex’s Docking Station theory. Will the Mac ever be a port extender and CPU/GPU co-processor for my iOS device?


LACPUG FCPX 10.3 demo video. - https://youtu.be/MqCpUWyEr3E


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Alex Gollner - @alex4d


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Perhaps no other project is more data intensive than a documentary. They are unique in the vast amount of material that needs to be organized and managed and Patrick Southern has worked on a few of these type projects. The Secret Tapes of the OJ and Challenger: The Lost Tapes are a couple of these long form documentaries and in this episode we discusses how he used Producers Best Friend and FCPX to complete the task.

Story Beats and Lifts and Libraries Oh My.


Carl’s Podcast where I discuss audio lanes.


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Charlie has been at this business for about as long as I have and brings to any discussion about editorial decades of of experience and insight. This discussion went in a few directions and at one point I share a deeply personal story so please forgive me for monopolizing the conversation. We discuss the history of various FCPX updates and briefly go into some of the new features in 10.3.1

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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Charlie Austin - fcpxpert.net - @fcpxpert1

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In today’s episode we learn how archaic typewriters were and talk about Tony’s recent military assault, “The War on Keyframes”. We talk about various plugins that allow you to remove the need to keyframe media in your timeline. 

Beginning - Grow shrink plug in link here.

Intermediate - Add Motion from osmFCPX by Ryan Welborn  

Advanced - Shnorf from osmFCPX by Ryan Welborn

Rob Legato visual effects supervisor Apollo 13. Our memories aren’t always correct.

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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Tony Gallardo - @tomiga2

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Talking with Joseph is always a pleasure, Although not a full time editor Josephs insight in to Final Cut Pro is unique in that he used to be full time at Apple and knows a bit about some of the inner workings of the company. In this episode we discuss audio levels and noise reduction, third party plugins and the possibility of a more complete implementation of Video Roles. 


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Thomas Grove Carter works at Trim Editing in London. He cuts high end commercials, as well as music videos. Recently he put on a demo in FCPX 10.3 that highlighted the speed of FCPX at the FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino. In this discussion we touch on a lot of things that don’t deal with speed because Thomas is just a great interview. We also discuss the new MacBook Pro with Touchbar and Thomas shares his experience working with it first hand.

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We’re BAAAAACK… After a long hiatus, we return with a brand new episode of FCPX Grill. Sam and I fire up the Grill and get DEEEEEP into a few of the new features, including audio in the new FCPX 10.3. We also talk a bit about SMB shared volumes and Sams real passion… “We Make Movies”

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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Sam Mestman - @SamMestman

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Working solo or in a workgroup, it doesn’t matter but Ray Brown still has found FCPX to be an amazing asset in his career. Whether he is creating reality TV or commercials or person projects in Budapest Hungary Ray was able to transition from Final Cut Classic to Final Cut Pro X seamlessly. Ray also has long time exposure to the music industry growing up with his dad as founder of War, the very popular 70’s era funk band. 

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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick


Sam Brown - @raybrown_me

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Confessing you are cutting in FCPX may be a career limiting move, but for Kenny Park it all turned out ok. After working on a feature documentary for an extend period of time at home, Kenny decided that it was time to tell the director that he had left Premiere Pro behind. Although Kenny is forced to use Avid in much of his work in Glasgow Scotland, his clear preference is FCPX. 


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick

Kenny Park - thefinalcutbro.com - @thefcbro


Mentioned on Show:

Family Gold Mine - facebook.com/familygoldmine


David Lynch Interviews Project - http://interviewproject.davidlynch.com/www/#/route

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Timeline based color grading has been a dream of mine for years. Recently I stumbled across Color Finale, a new $99 plug in by Color Grading Central and immediately contacted Denver Riddle to come talk about its use and development. We also spend a fair amount of time discussing Resolve and some workflow issues that I’ve been perplexed with. Denver is a very knowledgeable guy and I think you’ll enjoy this chat.

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Brand new editor to FCPX, San Diego based Eric Naso is just getting started using Final Cut Pro X and is full of questions. In this episode we’ll discuss getting started with the software and go thru some of the basics of keywording and filtering and searching for clips and ways to make it easier for an FCP7 editor to wrap their head around a whole new workflow and why its worth giving it a try.



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If you’re not careful and you spend too much time hanging out with me you may actually want to take a serious look at FCPX. Alex MacLean, my co-host on digitalCINEMAcafe has been hearing me go on and on about Final Cut Pro X for years now and when he recently was trying to streamline his workflow for posting files online for his grading clients I helped him develop a whole workflow around FCPX and Compound Clips. It didn’t stop there though. Now he’s embarking on a giant commercial spot and he’s go the bug. Hear how Alex has turned to FCPX for his main editor on this new project.

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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick
Alex MacLean - @alexm13


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Even Photographers are trying to figure out what video editing program they want to use. My friend Frederick Van Johnson of This Week in Photo contacted me recently to ask the question, “FCPX or Premiere Pro”… wanna guess what I told him. This conversation is a result of a handful of eMails one day and discusses some beginners questions regarding FCPX.


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick


Frederick Van Johnson - @frederickvan


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“If you’re not doing what you want to do NOW, you’re never going to do it.” Devin Graham


Danny Rubio is Executive Producer at Weber State University in Utah and manages multiple edit systems and editors and they work almost exclusively in FCPX. Recently a group of more than 20 students entered a 48 hour film festival where they entered a Musical submission.  Danny has never cut on anything but FCPX. Hear his story from a fresh outlook without the baggage of the past. 


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Chris Fenwick - chrisfenwick.com - @chrisfenwick


Danny Rubio - @drbe4t

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